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About Me

25 Years Of Experience In IT Profession

I'm Madhu, Senior IT-Professional with proven track record of managing and delivering successful programs and projects.

  • Internship at the Supercomputer Education and Research Center, IISc.

  • Trained on various mid-range and high-end workstations, including VAX, SGI, PARAM.

  • ​​Worked at NEC, Singapore from Apar Technologies. Developed applications in X-Windows/Motif for Ministry.

  • Worked in the USA for Syntel at Customer Location (CIGNA) on Y2k initiatives for the entire duration. Application Developer in previous avatars - Involved in Software Development and implementation of client-server applications using Visual Basic, MS-Access on Windows.

  • Worked for a Banking Major in United Kingdom during its takeover phase - helping the Bank to view various accounts of individuals in one single consolidated view (using proprietarycolumn-oriented database called Pinnacle) Instrumental in reducing the cycle-time of (ETL) processing of multiple accounts by over 80%. Helped in identifying the root-causes and solving the hundreds of existing defects in the application.

  • Managed projects for multiple clients, at the same time, of various domains. Successful in delivering complex JAVA development projects (size of 300 Person Months and more) and ensuring repeat business for the organization.Awarded Excellent Performer by Corporate team. Performed multiple roles of Offshore Project Manager, Onsite Project Manager, Offshore QA Manager for Other projects. Awarded Quality Champion by the Quality Group.

  • ​As Full Life-cycle Business Leader of Java Competency I was responsible for Java and Open Source Competency across all projects. Awarded S2R(Special Recognition & Rewards) for Dramatic Business Value Improvement by Corporate FLCL Board.

  • ​As Full Life-cycle Business Leader of Java Competency I was responsible for Java and Open Source Competency across all projects. Awarded S2R(Special Recognition & Rewards) for Dramatic Business Value Improvement by Corporate FLCL Board.

  • ransitioned into the role of a Solution Architect. Supported the sales team in securing new deals within the Banking and Financial Services domain. Led multi-million deals globally, participating in the entire deal life-cycle, from RFI stage to Due-diligence to Proposal Defense and handover to Delivery. Engaged in strategic discussions with CDOs of European banks to establish institution-wide data strategies. Utilized Dell's expertise for creating digital solutions. Collaborated with industry experts to develop solutions for the Insurance industry using emerging technologies. Worked with customer's Innovation teams to facilitate the transition from manual processes to the digital world.

  • ​After NTT DATA, Inc. acquired Dell Services, you continued to contribute to the digital space. Created thought leadership content for BFSI and other verticals with a focus on customer-centric business models and new architectures. Conducted PoCs using wearables and AI to enhance customers' daily lives. Adapted emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Mixed Reality experiences, and voice assistants to various industries. Worked as a Data Analyst on PoCs for customers. Wrote whitepapers for concepts that served as sales tools. Collaborated on business cases involving new technologies and regulatory initiatives.

  • ​As a Senior Specialist Advisor, you work with multiple Sales teams globally across various domains. Helped close deals worth close to $250 million across multiple industries in 2020-22. Part of the CRO group's Innovation Think-tank. Engaged in strategic initiatives to drive innovation in Delivery Accounts. Received the Q3/Q4 Heroes award in 2022.


My Passion

My journey began in 1994 at SERC when I was introduced to the captivating world of Silicon Graphics workstations. This introduction ignited my passion for computer graphics, game components, gamification, and virtual reality.

Thanks to this introduction, I had the privilege to publish three articles:

Interactive Volume Walk-through

Immersive Visualizations Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

3D Avatars in Virtual Reality Experience

My Experience

I've had a varied career, starting as an Individual Contributor and eventually becoming a Program Manager. Later on, I returned to the role of an Individual Contributor, this time as a Pre-sales Architect. Through these roles, I gained a unique perspective, understanding the challenges and issues faced by both parties involved, which ultimately became the core theme of my book, "Transforming Learning and IT Management through Gamification.''

My Next Path

After exploring various roles and witnessing the evolution of technology, I realized my true calling was to utilize my personal strengths and communication skills to coach others in realizing their potential.
I began my coaching journey on August 15th, 2022, and successfully completed my ACTP Level-2 certification in June 2023.
Currently, I am on a mission to achieve my PCC credentialing while continuing my role as a Solution Architect in my day-to-day work.

My Learnings

My career experiences led me to seek a new path. I aspired to help teams reach their full potential and become highly capable units that could excel and contribute to their organizations. To achieve this goal, I decided to become a certified corporate coach, working with both leadership teams and associates.

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