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Dr. Anjaneya Chette

This is an attempt to remember my grandfather, Dr. P.T. Anjaneya Chette(affectionately called as Chette Doctor by his innumerable well-wishers), who lived between 1900 and 1969, in Bangalore. He is revered upon, by not only his family members and their descendants but also his well-wishers and their future generations too. Chette doctor was ahead of his times but remained humble and down-to-earth.

Birth & Early Life

Chette Doctor’s parents (Thimmaiah Chette and Gowramma) came from a famine-stricken area. Born on a rainy day at Karanji Anjaneya temple, his mother prayed to God for a smooth delivery. Since he was born at the temple premises, he was named after God Anjaneya.


Studied college at Madras Medical College. He was a good swimmer and athlete. He got many medals in various competitions.

He became the first doctor from the family to go to Singapore in the year 1926.

People from many rural places like Mysore, Maddur and Mandya came for treatment. They used to wait for getting themselves treated and Chetty Doctor used to do so for free, tirelessly.

Professional Life

Chetty Doctor married Smt. Sharadamma,  the lone daughter of B.Munivenkatappa. They had eight children: Leelavathi, Ramachandra, Gopalakrishna, Raghavendraswamy, Radha, Jagannatha, Bharathi and Mangala.

Personal Life


The Late K.N.Guruswamy (of Deccan Herald fame) helped him set up his own Centre at Arcot Srinivasachar street under the name of Coronation Pharmacy. He provided free service & medicines to all his patients. Hence, he earned the nickname of Gandhi Doctor.

He was a key member of the All-India Medical Association

He was a honorary Life member of Indian Council, in recognition of his services in the cause of Ambulance work in India, in November 1943. He was also honored in recognition of his services as an Examiner to the St.John Ambulance Association in India, in November 1943.

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